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noviembre 27, 2020

4 PAWS descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de 4 PAWS

In 4 Paws, author Carolyn Gray offers a series of short children s stories about dogs and the families they live with. Each story is followed by a set of exercises which the child can complete either with or without a teacher or parent. These charming short stories show dogs investigating the world around them, for example – how a dog realises that its bad temper can alienate it from people and other dogs and how when it becomes nice , the world becomes a better place to live in. Dogs on the beach, dogs in the snow, dogs at the zoo, dogs in the fog – each story allowing the child itself to investigate the world and check its understanding against questions. 4 Paws will be a fun read for children learning about phonics in their early years at school._,
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