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enero 25, 2021

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Sinopsis de 7 ILLUSIONS

7 Illusions Discover Who You Really Are by Karen Wilson is an uplifting book that helps readers delve into their inner self and discover the truth and essence concealed there The authors transformation from that of a logical person to spirituality is inspirational and motivating In this book she covers the essential topics of creation free will the mind fear death the self and emotion which is helpful in awakening readers to the beauty of life around us This book will open our eyes and our minds to who we truly are The author discusses the 7 illusions extensively touching on the nuances and intricacies of each of the illusions and the importance they play in our happiness and contentment All these illusions are interlinked and they influence our minds to make each one of us the person we are The authors observations are profound and will make readers analyze and look into themselves The importance of meditation in our daily lives is reiterated here and the author asks readers to be more observant about what they do all the time Working on these 7 illusions can bring a remarkable change in our attitude and living thereby bringing joy and peace Acceptance is better than resistance The power to change our lives is within us and not with anyone else
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