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marzo 16, 2021

A WORLD PARLIAMENT descargar PDF gratis

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More than at any time in history, all the people in the world are linked together in a shared civilization, encompassing the entire planet. Their multiple interconnections generate mutual dependencies and affinities. Humanity now has a common destiny. Completo challenges such as war, poverty, inequality, climate change and environmental destruction are overwhelming nation-states and today&rsquo,s international institutions. Doing the right thing requires more than having the right policies, it requires having the right political structures to implement them.Following the emergence of democracy in the ancient Greek city states and its expansion to the modern territorial states in the 18th&nbsp,century, the next step is now imminent. Achieving a peaceful, just and sustainable world requires an evolutionary leap forward to a federal universal government. The creation of a democratic world parliament is the centrepiece of this project. Against the backdrop of the problem of modernity, this book sheds light on the history, contemporary relevance and future implementation of this monumental idea.The authors&rsquo, longstanding commitment to building a democratic world order guided the extensive research that went into the preparation of the book. The first part explores the philosophical foundations of cosmopolitanism and a world parliament since ancient times and fills a gap by tracing the history of the idea and of the attempts to bring it about from the French Revolution to the present day. The second part sets the issue in the context of universal challenges such as climate change and planetary boundaries, the management of public goods, the stability of the financial system, combating tax evasion, terrorism and organized crime, disarmament, and protecting human rights. The construction of universal democracy also plays a decisive role in combating hunger, poverty and inequality and in universal water policy. Rapid developments in the fields of bio- and nanotechno
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