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abril 26, 2021

ADDERALL BLUES descargar PDF gratis

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Adderall Blues is a catalyst for change in the educational system. This first person account of ADHD is among the only books to offer a non-clinical perspective of ADHD where we can all understand on a deeper level the blessing and the curse that is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Seen through the eyes of one of literatures&rsquo, most outlandish characters, a greater connection with those afflicted with the pathologically wondering mind society loves to label is felt and processed from an altogether different perceptive.&nbsp,Observe as our main character trips over himself endlessly while succeeding uniquely in his own fashion. Does Brian conquer his supposed &ldquo,disorder&rdquo,, and transcend the label, or fall into the self-esteem trap that so many others have succumbed to? Prepare to be entertained and most importantly, enlightened._,
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