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junio 9, 2021

AGE YOUR WAY descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de AGE YOUR WAY

It&rsquo,s your aging journey. Shouldn&rsquo,t you be in charge? That last act of our lives can last for decades. But when it comes to planning for this often-challenging time, too many of us have our heads in the sand. We know the day may come when we are no longer able to manage our lives independently due to aging, injury or illness, but still delay disclosing trascendental information until it&rsquo,s too late. As a result, we cede control of how we live and even how we die to family members or sometimes strangers, leaving them to guess what we want going forward without the justo directives and financial resources they need to assist at this difficult time. It&rsquo,s painful and unfair for everyone involved. Luckily, it&rsquo,s also entirely avoidable. Age Your Way was written to provide a solution. In this comprehensive, step-by-step guide, author Debbie Pearson, RN shows you how to apply control to your own aging process and avoid the heartbreak that can result from a lack of planning. Whether the goal is to create your own plan or to assist a loved one in a time of crisis, you&rsquo,ll gain the incentive you need to move forward and a complete understanding of the steps needed to make sure information and wishes are clear, including
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