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septiembre 25, 2021

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&quot,After my infant twins died, I couldn&rsquo,t find anything on the shelves at the bookstore that was actually honest.&quot, I found books about grief, sure. Books written by psychologists on the stages of grief and books that assured me that I would find my answers in prayer. This isn&rsquo,t meant to replace those. Those books are necessary, but in the raw, emotional weeks and months after losing my twins, what I wanted to know more than anything was that I was not crazy. &nbsp, Christy, a fourth-grade teacher, and her husband, Brian, are raising two admirable children ages 4 and 7 in Onalaska, WI. But Christy has two other children&mdash,twins&mdash,who died shortly after being born at 21 weeks.&nbsp, Christy&rsquo,s captivating memoir about her hopes, her dreams, her loss, her grief, and ultimately, her healing, is a poignantly powerful and brutally honest account of what happens when tragedy hits. We never think it&rsquo,s going to happen to us. We never think it will happen today. But it does, and it happened to Christy. In an effort to find solace, Christy tried Googling, &ldquo,What do I do when my baby dies?&rdquo, Unfortunately, there just aren&rsquo,t any good resources out there&mdash,at least not any that are truly honest, not sugar-coated with clich&eacute,s. &ldquo,Almost a Mother&rdquo, is Christy&rsquo,s way of reaching those out to those who have experienced a horrible loss of any kind, of any magnitude, in the hope of building a community of support and love.&nbsp, And, in her words, &ldquo,I just wanted to know that I wasn&rsquo,t crazy because I wanted to punch the pregnant lady at Target in the face.&rdquo,_,
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