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septiembre 21, 2021

APHRODITE EMERGES descargar PDF gratis

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An inspiring story about how one woman changed her father&rsquo,s life with an email. As your daughter I urge you to please take these words to heart. In the future, I will not support you in doing any more of your shaming towards women or anyone, so if you call me for that, I will not oblige. When Susie Herrick, a licensed psychotherapist then in her thirties, found herself emotionally and spiritually stuck in her relationships with the men in her life, she began an extraordinary journey toward her own enlightening experiences and toward the powerful insight that she ultimately helped deliver to her father. That journey took her to the Himalayas, an encounter with a clawing eagle, an understanding of the state that Tibetan Buddhists call a bardo, the wisdom of the female teachers she met, and back&mdash,her raw inner world exposed as she navigates a difficult divorce. All of this results in Herrick’,s realization that how she had been treating herself was how her father had treated her mother. This transformed her life&mdash,as well as her father’,s. Seeing the change in the way her father related to the women in his life inspired Herrick to share in this book&mdash,beautifully illustrated by the talented artist and designer Elle Escaparate&mdash,the lessons she learned so that she could help women examine their own life stories, take their own journeys, and empower them to speak with their own authentic voices. 32 color and 5&nbsp,b&amp,w illus., 1 color&nbsp,and 1 b&amp,w photo_,
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