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abril 6, 2021

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AT A CROSSROADS is an incisive analysis of Africas political, social, and economic development from the latter half of the twentieth century to date against the backdrop of challenges and opportunities created by the vestiges of seventh century Islamic invasion, three hundred years of slavery, European colonization, and incompetent management of post-independence Africa by ethnic-based political parties. In this book, the author has put forth a compelling narrative on why political and socioeconomic affairs in Africa have been stifled by lack of consensus due to ethnic differences, tribalism, religious differences, and various colonial legacies that have converged to shape and limit the effort of those who could otherwise have taken a stand against the current impasse. Based on the authors analysis and personal experience, in order to solve Africas development paradox, member-nations need to raise a merit- focused generation of competent, indigenous, socioeconomic planners who will put public well-being above self-enrichment and aggressively pursue policies that may alter the status quo._,
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