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junio 6, 2021

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Sinopsis de AYDIN DENTAL

The prevalence of dental caries in primary teeth in most&nbsp,world countries is very high. That is strange, to say the least, İs dental caries is a preventable disease. Why is a preventable&nbsp,disease so prevalent? The answer is related, among others, to socio-economic&nbsp,status, level of education of the mother and cultural habits&nbsp,of the children. What research has told us is that placing&nbsp,restorations is not the answer to the abundance of cavities&nbsp,present in these children. Dental caries is a sugar-driven&nbsp,biofilm-related disease that can be controlled through following a healthy life-style. Removal of dental biofilm&nbsp,regularly from tooth surfaces is known to reduce the prevalence of dental carious lesions. Controlling the dental&nbsp,biofilm is, therefore, paramount important in the fight against&nbsp,the development of carious lesions. This implies that removal&nbsp,of biofilm from within cavities can be a successful treatment&nbsp,in controlling carious lesion progression. Suitable cavities should be accessible, the pulp be healthy and symptomless&nbsp,and the biofilm should be removed daily. That requires&nbsp,understanding, practice, assistance from parents and support&nbsp,from dentists. This treatment has been researched and found&nbsp,having merits but more studies are needed to fully understand&nbsp,when and when not to apply this cavity treatment in children&rsquo,s&nbsp,primary teeth.
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