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mayo 8, 2021

BE A HATER descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de BE A HATER

What do Taylor Swift, Cognitive Psychology, Gucci Mane, Dissent, and The Most Dangerous Person Alive have in common? The answer is the &ldquo,Hater Mindset&rdquo,. In &ldquo,Be A Hater&rdquo, Dr. Parham examines the emergence of the &ldquo,Hater Mindset&rdquo, in contemporary culture. This book delves into a subtle and subconscious cultural shift in the concept of a &ldquo,hater&rdquo,. The shift from viewing a &ldquo,hater&rdquo, as someone trying to hold you back or stop you from succeeding, to viewing a &ldquo,hater&rdquo, as anyone who disagrees or dissents from your opinion. This shift while subtle has strong implications for critical thinking, the value of relationships, an individual&rsquo,s happiness, cognitive entitlement, and more. In &ldquo,Be A Hater&rdquo, Dr. Parham brings this subconscious shift to the surface and equips the reader to counter its effects by challenging them to &ldquo,Be A Hater!&rdquo,_,
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