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abril 27, 2021

BEAT THE ODDS descargar PDF gratis

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beat the odds-9780648340249

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Sinopsis de BEAT THE ODDS

In Beat The Odds, Mona AlHebsi, renowned hospitality professional and success coach, for the first time ever, sharing her career secrets that enabled her to standout, succeed and become a sought after hotelier in the industry. &nbsp, Despite the impeding cultural perceptions in her society and increasing competition in the job market, Mona daringly stepped in and challenged the conventional wisdom about working in hospitality by constantly delivering successful outcomes even in the most unlikely occasions, while others gave excuses and blamed others for their failures.&nbsp, &nbsp, These easy to follow, tried and tested methods are available to all hoteliers, should they have the desire, courage, and determination to learn and act to achieve personal and professional excellence regardless of the external environment.&nbsp, &nbsp, This is your enlightening, empowering and inspiring guide to take charge of your career as a hotelier, and create your success story that will be remembered long after you have left the playground.&nbsp, &nbsp, The time is now! &nbsp, Start looking at your day-to day hotel job differently and turn it into a pursuit of purpose, excellence and meaning._,
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