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noviembre 21, 2020

BED YOGA descargar PDF gratis

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Bed Yoga and You!Did you know that going through physical movements in your mind&rsquo,s eye causes your muscles to fire? It&rsquo,s super-good for you to start or finish your day with yoga poses in your mind, then moving into a gentle series in bed. Relaxing … and healing!Greeting the day by waking up slowly, mentally going through a few yoga moves, then engaging in them physically is meditative and mindful. It nurtures you&mdash,body, mind, and spirit. A gentle series of yoga moves sets a calm and positive tone at the beginning of your day, and lets you relax into a deep and peaceful sleep at the end of your day.Whether you&rsquo,ll soon be up and out in rush hour traffic, or you&rsquo,re enjoying the day puttering around the house, or you&rsquo,re under the weather, spending a couple days in bed, or you&rsquo,re confined to bed for a longer period of time, Bed Yoga is good for you.&nbsp,_,
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