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junio 6, 2021

BEFORE I GO descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de BEFORE I GO

If we had the chance wouldn’,t we all choose to leave this world and our loved ones with some of our invaluable advice and musings?BEFORE I GO is a Beautiful and Unique personal journal/book allowing you to pass on the little pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that make up the IRREPLACEABLE you.We hope BEFORE I GO will gently lead people (through various headings and pages) to think about their lasting legacy and how they would like to be remembered.Fill it with all the things that matter to you.Fill it in privately or with everyone&rsquo,s knowledge. Record your memories, thoughts and wishes for your family and friends, creating a personal memory book as you go.It allows anyone to plan how they would like to be remembered, with pages to fill in, ranging from &lsquo,Wise Words&rsquo, to ‘,Happy Memories’, &lsquo,Favourite Songs, Poems&rsquo,&nbsp,and &lsquo,Wishes For Your Family&rsquo, to &lsquo,Milestones i’,d&nbsp,still like you to Celebrate&rsquo,, there’,s even a space for a sealed ‘,My Send Off’, envelope for specific final wishes.Write, Stick, Staple &ndash, make it your own &ndash, messy or pristine.Add anything that means something to you, if a page or section doesn’,t apply to you – change it, or if you have lots to say add a few more pages.&nbsp,If you haven’,t got,say, any Recipes for the ‘,Recipes to remember’, pages, how about your recipe for a Happy Life, a Good Relationship or getting a Baby to Sleep?So whether you have a lifetime or a short time, you could fill in this Personal journal and pass it on when the time comes, so when you leave this world, your loved ones hearts are a little less heavy and the chair around the table a little less empty.Far from being morbid, we hope your book will be full of love and truly
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