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noviembre 26, 2020

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Rapid technological developments have led to increasingly efficient sequencing approaches. Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) is increasingly common and has become cost-effective, generating an explosion of sequenced data that need to be analyzed. The skills required to apply computational analysis to target research on a wide range of applications that include identifying causes of cancer, vaccine design, new antibiotics, drug development, personalized medicine and higher crop yields in agriculture are highly sought after.This invaluable book provides step-by-step guides to complex topics that make it easy for readers to perform essential analyses from raw sequenced data to answering important biological questions. It is an excellent hands-on material for teachers who conduct courses in bioinformatics and as a reference material for professionals. The chapters are written to be standalone recipes making it suitable for readers who wish to self-learn selected topics. Readers will gain skills necessary to work on sequenced data from NGS platforms and hence making themselves more attractive to employers who need skilled bioinformaticians to handle the deluge of data._,
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