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junio 1, 2021

CELEBRATE LIFE descargar PDF gratis

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Celebrate Life is a lifestyle guide designed to help you enjoy a healthier and happier existence It features autobiographical life lessons actionable advice and a collection of Marcello Pedalino’s photography in an inspirational meme format Marcello Pedalino wanted his daughter Isabella to have a lifestyle guide when she grew up just in case he wasn’t around to teach her everything he had learned over the past 40 years Marcello wanted to create a more efficient way to be able to share his experiences and life lessons with all the people who had come up to him and asked How can I live it up How can I discover fulfillment and How can I experience the joy I deserve like you do So he wrote this book Regardless of your age Celebrate Life will save you a little or maybe even a lot of time money and aggravation It will show you why taking care of yourself having compassion traveling doing what you love keeping good company letting it go and evolving are all paramount if you want to move onwards and upwards in your life A lot of remarkable people went above and beyond to show Marcello the way over the years… this book is Marcello’s way of paying it forward
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