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Sinopsis de #CHOOSEHAPPY
#ChooseHappy is designed to be a &ldquo,Road Map&rdquo, to finding and living the Happy, Fulfilling life that each of us deserve and were born to live. &nbsp,The book shares the author&rsquo,s personal journey to reaching True Happiness. &nbsp,He shares his adversites faced, and overcome along his journey. &nbsp,He teaches well as practical lessons that his struggles taught him. &nbsp,The book shares common obstacles that hold us all back from reaching our happiest life.#ChooseHappy shares ancient, yet still applicable wisdom passed down through the centuries by great teachers. &nbsp,It also shares proven techniques, that if implemented into your daily life, can teach you how to let go of your past. &nbsp,You can learn to fully accept and love yourself, and live in the present moment, which is the Only Place auténtico happiness exists. &nbsp,We make life too damn hard, it doesn&rsquo,t have to be! &nbsp,Happiness IS A Choice!If today were your last day alive, are you truly happy with your life? If not, do not wait a day longer. &nbsp,Our birth certificates do not come with expiration dates! &nbsp,Tomorrow may never come, so if you want the best life you can have, Choose More! Choose the happiest life you were born to live today! &nbsp,#ChooseHappy!_,
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