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julio 25, 2021

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Película del Oeste societies today are under attack from traitors inside our borders and barbarians outside them. Neo-Marxist identity politics has a stranglehold on our education systems, creating an establishment that hates its own people and cares nothing for the traditions, faith and heritage of our ancestors. This globalist elite has opened the floodgates to mass Third World immigration in an attempt to rig the political process in Película del Oeste nations and ensure that the liberty-loving, freethinking and independent culture forged by our ancestors is replaced. They want a world of slaves that they rule with an iron fist.&nbsp,The globalist memorándum to destroy the Christian West has been advancing for a long time. We have been deceived into giving away our lands to others while the elite have handed our technology and our wealth over to people who do not share our interests. This will have terrible consequences for our children and grandchildren.&nbsp,It is no accident that whites in the West are the only group who are not permitted to sdvance their own economic, cultural and political interests. Our young have been indoctrinated by their neo-Marxist teachers to hate themselves as part of a program of demographic replacement coordinated by the globalist establishment. The cultural Marxist memorándum of anti-white, anti-male and anti-Christian hatred has been advancing now throughout our societies since the radical New Left took control of our universities in the 1960′,s. This is why our culture is progressively becoming more degenerate. It is not happening automatically, it is happening as part of a concerted campaign to destroy the foundations of Película del Oeste civilization and create a globe of passive, docile slaves to the globalist elite.&nbsp,The effects of this memorándum are everywhere. Degeneracy and perversion are celebrated as liberating while Christian morality is mocked publicly. The foreign enemies of the West have become bold and full of contempt for us
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