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mayo 11, 2021

CUPID descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de CUPID

My books, Fate and Cupid, are medicine, literally. They can actually heal the mind, body and soul, because they came out of my pure love and dream. They healed me from my mental illness spiritually, psychologically and physically by bringing them to life, and that also signifies that my books can heal anyone from any kind of illnesses that they suffer from when they read them, as long as they believe in love.My books, Fate and Cupid, are the parents of all miracles, because it took me the greatest miracle in our universe to bring them into existence in our world. So, if you want protection and guidance to find your path in life, then let my true story of love, dream and resilience shine its graceful light on you to find your way, because you deserve all the wonderful things from our lovely universe. My books are a living miraculous specimen, and that is a matter of fact.&nbsp,Here is a little reminder to all of my readers. Please read my memoir, Fate, first before reading my second book, Cupid, because Fate is a prelude to Cupid, and reading Fate first will help you to get a good feel and understanding of how this whole terrific journey started from the pulvínulo. So, common, hop in and let’,s ride together._,
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