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abril 24, 2021

DAMAGED GOODS descargar PDF gratis

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Damaged Goods celebrates the whirlwinds of life through a collection of Spokenword and poetry written by Tonika Yvonne Wheeler. Damaged Goods is her comienzo Spokenword book. The author illustrates the dark sides of life with momentary illumination. Bitterness and spitefulness doesn t have a color, gender, age, or social status. Nor is immunity gained from life s whirlwinds based off one s casto stance or bleeding heart. I ll never get married again! uttered a merienda thoughtful male friend going through a taxing divorce. The author sat listening to his non-stop verbal jabs at his soon to be ex-wife, women, and marriage. You re Damaged Goods, the author replied. But the good thing about damaged goods is they can always be refurbished. And sometimes the refurbished goods work better than the one that s never been damaged. Or does it?_,
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