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noviembre 24, 2020

DESI FITNESS WORLD descargar PDF gratis

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Wanting to have a fit body for an eternity, but unable to achieve it? Worry no more! Desi Fitness World comes to your rescue! Are you tired of experimenting with every fad diet that fails to deliver results? Then try to lose weight the Desi Way, thirty pounds in three months. Desi Fitness World by Amtul Ayesha Ahmed is the book for you! Find out how you can get the body of your dreams solely in your home, with your own home-cooked Desi food to being your own personal trainer! Whether you’,re a newbie to fitness, are in a dire need of weight loss, or simply looking for a way to maintain your figure, Desi Fitness World has you covered! After an incredible body transformation through her innovative home-based weight loss program, Amtul Ayesha Ahmed was constantly pressured and demanded to answer a million questions from her friends, family and even acquaintances, to spill the beans of her newfound body. &ldquo,How did you do it, what&rsquo,s your secret, and can you help me lose weight?&rdquo, That’,s when the author decided to pen down all her tried, tested and successful techniques that helped her lose thirty pounds in three months. That&rsquo,s how Desi Fitness World came to life! Inside Desi Fitness World you&rsquo,ll discover
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