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enero 3, 2021

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Dive in! The project-based short course Dive in! is an innovative and complete course designed for 14-18 year olds. The 4 books are topic based and structured for short-stay courses. The course is designed to enhance the students» stay with activities that are relevant to their summer experience with a project at the heart of course. Trips, sports and community are just some of the areas covered so the students… Make a splash this summer with Dive in! Dive in! is your course for the summer! It»s full of activities designed to help you: get to know your classmates talk about your life at home learn about life where you»re staying … and learn to say the right thing in the right situation! This week you»re going to dive into: the «Let»s get together» module Everything you discuss and learn about will help you and your team build your own project.
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