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febrero 8, 2021

DOUBLE FLUFF descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de DOUBLE FLUFF

With their posh car and embellished house Holly and Zak’,s neighbours, the Banes, think they are the king and queen of the street – and little Phoebe Bane a princess. Ever watchful for neighbourly wrong doings, it is Holly and Zak&rsquo,s much-loved and loveable mongrel, Spidey, who seems to get the blame for anything and everything that is amiss in the street. Then Mr Bane built the rabbit hutch.&nbsp, But not just any old ordinary hutch, oh no!&nbsp, And that was when the whole amazing story began&hellip, From the author of Rosie Pugh and the Great Clothes War and Letters of a Lovestruck Teenager (as Claire Robertson)&nbsp, this hilarious story for younger readers is based on an urban myth, and tells how a beleaguered one- parent family manages to rise above snobbery and bullying with dignity and humour. The fuera de combate surprise ending will have young readers laughing out loud!_,
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