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agosto 10, 2021

DRAINING THE SWAMP. descargar PDF gratis

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What is happening in the ostensible “Land of the Free”?  At a time when the freedoms of assembly and speech no longer exist on college and university campuses across the US, when students are swept up into violent protests organized and funded by a lethal combination of die-hard revolutionaries and well-intentioned but woefully misguided and guilt-ridden members of the nouveau riche, and when US political factions are more polarized than at any time since the Civil War, objective observers are forced to ask, “Is the US now on the brink of a revolution?”  The author identifies key developments over the last one hundred years which may have escaped the notice of the vast majority of US citizens but nonetheless have been laying the groundwork for a sociocommunist take-over.  He warns that a “hot” revolution like the US Civil War is a distinct possibility, and then outlines steps that can be taken to prevent it while preserving the US as a constitutional democratic republic.
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