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septiembre 11, 2021

EMOTION LOTION descargar PDF gratis

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If you’re a Solopreneur or Business Owner that wants a Better WorkLife Recuento Enjoy more time and Live Every Day of Your Life and you’re looking to succeed with practical psychology then this brand new book by Expert Mind Coach Fiona Ross reveals how you can have a simple guide to Mental Hygiene and retain your sanityIn fact here39s just a sample of what you39ll discover in the pages of this insightful new bookEmotion LotionAn Interview with Expert Mind Coach Fiona RossGives you Acceptance A place to start Don’t miss the Moment Whose thoughts are they anyway The three P’s Catching yourself at it Dealing with Thomas From Argh to Ahhhhh Getting latitude with Gratitude Rubber boundaries Emotion Lotion apply daily and much MUCH More And as a special bonus we39ll also reveal how You do your best thinking when you are not thinking​ Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have this PROVEN practical psychology expert take you by the hand and explain The simple guide to Mental Hygiene and retaining your sanity with Emotion Lotion Most of what you need is instruction and encouragement from someone who has been there and done that This book will give you the work life movimiento success you want
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