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octubre 13, 2021

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Sinopsis de ENSOULMENT
For seven years, beginning in 2007, I underwent a perplexing and tumultuous series of events that became the catalyst for my soul revealing herself to me, while at the same time stripping away anything that was not her true essence. I later came to call this process, ensoulment. This book introduces the deep experiences, the vivid visions and clear transmissions that streamed through my psyche and culminated in the inception of a profound model explaining how the universe comes into being and how we play a very personal role in it. The final model revealed, links our personal soul, with our collective soul, with the Soul of the World through &ldquo,particles of experience&rdquo,. I found the realizations so compelling for &ldquo,first time soul travelers&rdquo, that I decided to write about it.Who is your soul, what is her language, what are her primary archetypes and why did she choose to journey in a human form? Is Ensoulment the same for everyone and who is the Soul of the World? Revealing and living our primordial blueprint, our Soul’,s DNA, is crucial not only to our well being, but to the evolution of our species and the cosmos as a whole. Allow yourself to adventure into ensoulment, to taste your soul, to decipher her whispers and possibly fulfill your destiny._,
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