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diciembre 25, 2020

ESL ROLE PLAYS descargar PDF gratis

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Do you teach English as a foreign or second language? Are your students at an intermediate or advanced level? If so, this book will save you a lot of lesson prep time. With 50 role plays that span a wide variety of topics, you’,ll almost always be able to find a role play that will fit your lesson topic. Inside are role plays that cover everything from government regulation to messy roommates. With commonly taught topics like technology, music, job interviews, and movies. As well as more varied topics like color, adoption, and super heroes. The role plays are simple and easy to understand, while still being fun and thought provoking. They are easy to set up, requiring just some copying and cutting. Some role plays require no prep at all besides reading the instructions. Most of all, the role plays are designed to get your students talking. Each role play has a full lesson plan, with detailed instructions on how to do the role play, as well as a suggested warm up and wrap up activity. Also included, are optional discussion questions related to the role play topic. Finally, each role play has role play cards or an activity sheet that can be copied and given to students. Worried about timing? All of the role plays are adaptable, and designed to fill the amount of time you need them to fill. Most can be done in as little as fifteen minutes or be stretched to two or three hours. What about class sizes? While the optimal class sizes for these role plays are eight to twenty four students, almost all of the role plays can be used with classes as small as three students or as large as necessary. Also, each role play can handle an odd or even number of students._,
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