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noviembre 24, 2020

FACE FOOD descargar PDF gratis

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• Counteract the aging process• Stimulate and protect collagen• Tighten skin and improve elasticity• Reduce fine lines and wrinkles• Protect skin with natural antioxidants• Increase the thickness, and suppleness of skin• Restore skin radianceAttaining youthful looking skin has never been more simple or effective!FROM FACE FOOD… FACE FOOD highlights that simple, tasty foods have the ability to flush your face with vitality, improve and change the quality and texture of your skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, increase firmness and combat premature aging.While genetic factors play a major role in the way we age, so does the food that we eat. In fact our diet is one of the great anti-aging secrets to retaining or regaining beautiful skin. It’s all based on the basic principal that building and protecting collagen through the foods we eat is the foundation to healthy, youthful looking skin, as we increase collagen, wrinkles begin to fade and skin regains its elasticity.Dealing with faces every day as I have for many years, it is easy to see when skin has been deprived of nutrients. So whenever I recommend a skin solution I keep in mind that one of the most effective ways to protect and preserve our skin at any age involves eating the right skin renewing foods.Many of the natural foods we eat hold age-defying vitamins and minerals that are essential to give the skin radiance, while supporting, hydrating and maintaining the health of the skin. They are also the key to building collagen.You may ask why building collagen is so important. Simply because collagen is the protein in connective tissue that keeps the skin elastic. However, the fibres in these tissues can become weak and damaged through free radicals, which impact our skin both inside and out as a result of different lifestyle elements such as bad food, sun damage, smoking, pollution, excess bebida, and the list goes on!However, collagen cannot be absorbed from a beaut
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