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diciembre 8, 2020

FAIRHAVEN FOREST descargar PDF gratis

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Fuzz and Spatz are very excited when their human pets tell them that they are going to get a baby brother or sister. They can hardly wait for the little black car to come back down the driveway with their new sister. Meanwhile, a long way from Fairhaven Forest, Little Bit’,s brothers and sisters are not very kind to him. They tell him he’,s not smart enough or big enough to be the pick of the litter. That’,s okay with Little Bit. He would rather run and play than try to impress the tall couple that came for a visit. There were six to choose from. Who would be the pick of the litter? Fuzz and Spatz are in for a big suprise when their human pets return. What is that furry wiggling thing in the back seat of the little black car? Come join Fuzz and Spatz on another fun adventure in Fairhaven Forest._,
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