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diciembre 2, 2020

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Sinopsis de FAKE NEWS

&nbsp,Taking FAKE NEWS to a higher-level, with the U.S. in a state of increased terrorist threats, the Media Director for the President of the United States fabricates a gruesome fake video. The purpose of the fake video is to create chaos so POTUS can establish martial law and begin a &ldquo,new world order.&rdquo,&nbsp, Posing as a concerned citizen who videotaped a horrific murder/pescador, the fake video is presented to a nave Miami TV station&rsquo,s news director. The news director immediately begins televising the video as exclusive Breaking News. &nbsp,Zack Stearn, owner/editor of a small Miami weekly newspaper, watches the video, contacts the TV station to ask the source of the video. He is told it is from a &ldquo,confidential source.&rdquo, The video is quickly picked up by national cable news and other television stations around the country._,
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