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agosto 11, 2021

FOOD FREEDOM descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de FOOD FREEDOM
A life-changing manual for those suffering from food issues of any kind. Focusing on existente, long term results, the proven system Shelley Ugyan provides in this book is one of the most effective of its kind and has the potential to help millions who want a permanent solution to the struggle with food. This complete 12 week manual offers easy to use, concrete tools based on the cognitive behavioural approach which teaches people to transform their relationship with food in a way that does not demand restriction, self denial or self punishment. Shelley Ugyan is a internationally known expert in the area of food and our relationship to it and has served many with this successful 12 week program both online and in a one-on-one setting. Those suffering from any food issues can now find a solution that rejects the diet mentality and instead offers proven techniques to change the thoughts and behaviours that affect one s relationships with food. Whether one is suffering from an eating disorder, compulsive or emotional eating or weight and shape issues, this innovative and forward thinking manual offers readers a existente, life long solution for mental, emotional and physical health. This Proven 12 Week Program explores
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