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abril 14, 2021

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Sinopsis de FOOD REHAB

Many women today, have a difficult relationship with their body and struggle with food.&nbsp,Why?&nbsp,Food has become our drug of choice. We use it to escape, to hide, to numb, to protect, and to have a sense of control when we feel anything but in control. We’,ve gone from consuming food to survive, to it consuming us.&nbsp,The food we eat, however, is just one part of the problem.&nbsp,Much of our dysfunctional relationship with our body and food starts in our mind, how we see ourselves and how we process our life experiences. This is why the old ‘,extreme dieting and exercise’, method to lose weight or get healthy&nbsp,is only a short-term band-aid solution, it’,s simply not sustainable.Join Lena Le Huray as she candidly shares her journey to help you uncover why you have a dysfunctional relationship with food and what to do about it, giving you practical tools and insights to overcome the obstacles you face with eating and body challenges.&nbsp,&nbsp,&quot,To every woman who has ever struggled with food, addiction, abuse or to love your body- I’,ve been there. I want you to know that having the perfect body will not bring you happiness, happiness will bring you the perfect body.&quot, Lena Le Huray_,
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