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noviembre 25, 2020

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&nbsp,Food Sobriety is for anyone who wants to lose weight.&nbsp,Inspired by the traditions of rural Latin America, Food Sobriety is more than a diet. It&rsquo,s a philosophical alternative to our neurotic modern food culture.&nbsp,The Food Sobriety approach was developed&nbsp,by author Dan Fenyvesi over&nbsp,years of working&nbsp,with weight loss in both the&nbsp,United States&nbsp,and Nicaragua. The second-poorest country in the Película del Oeste Hemisphere, Nicaragua has in one generation seen its incidence of obesity skyrocket to rates on par with those of the United States. This dramatic change so captivated Fenyvesi that he spent three years studying in the country, including &mdash, via a Fulbright Scholar grant &mdash, a year teaching at the National University of Nicaragua. In his studies, he found that Nicaraguans who still ate a traditional diet were slim and fit. Adopting elements of both their diet and their refreshing perspective on life, he has since helped hundreds of his North American patients lose weight.&nbsp,The science underlying Food Sobriety is presented in a light, fun fashion, and the recipes are easy and inexpensive. What&rsquo,s more, while working to improve your health, you will be engaged in a spirited exploration of the intersection of diet, social justice, psychology, and history.Click&nbsp,https
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