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julio 31, 2021

FOOD THAT WORKS descargar PDF gratis

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Most of us work long hours, so we need fast, healthful, portable breakfasts and lunches. Then,&nbsp,when we get home at night, we need easy delicious dinners that can be assembled in about the same amount of time it takes to change into our sweatpants. Having a busy schedule does not mean we must compromise our health, settling&nbsp,for subpar meals in a restaurant or from a cardboard box or drive-thru window.&nbsp, You&nbsp,work hard,&nbsp,you deserve fresh food. Malia Dell created this food system so you don&rsquo,t have to think. You can go to the store with&nbsp,a complete shopping list and come home with a plan for the whole week.&nbsp, Food That Works is a&nbsp,Monday-through-Friday&nbsp,survival cookbook,&nbsp,designed specifically for busy people who want to&nbsp,eat&nbsp,more meals prepared at home and fewer meals out. Each week, many of us go through the same routine of making shopping lists, going to the store, and planning what the hell to eat. Being tired and unprepared during the week, we end up settling for most of our meals out, only to watch all of our fresh food rot in the fridge&ndash,again. Why recreate the wheel?&nbsp,Buy this book and you will no longer dread going to the grocery store.&nbsp,All of the information you need for successful meal planning has been&nbsp,captured between these two covers. Food That Works offers you five great weekly menus to choose from, all paired with shopping lists, prep instructions, and realistic recipes for the week. It teaches you to be a savvy shopper and encourages you to select the best quality ingredients by reading ingredients labels, moving you away from settling for processed and packaged foods. Food That Works teaches you how to prep, keep food in rotation, and run your kitchen efficiently&ndash,like a restaurant! It provides healthful recipes for the meals you already know and love (burgers, tacos, chili, BBQ chicken), all designed to have
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