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enero 13, 2021

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Sinopsis de FULL CIRCLE

Despite my wife being sick for a few years and knowing what the outcome would be, it did not lessen the blow. The loss of my wife in my life was profound and there were days that were extremely tough to get through. My hope for you if you have picked up this chronical of sorts of what transpired in my life for that first year after my wifes death, is that you get just one thing that will help you in the two steps forward, one step back journey. A journey that I was neither prepared or anxious to take, but had no choice but to take. The road I took and especially the relationship I had with my wife is as different as our DNA. Only you, your loved one that has passed and God know the depth, breadth, trials, tribulations and triumphs that made up your relationship. The battles that were fought together and the sacrifices made for each other are facts many people could never be aware of or will ever know. I pray that this book touches your heart in some way. I pray that just one thing within the covers of this book will help in some small way. The earthly life of your loved one has ended, make the life that you have left a testament to the one who has passed. Take care and God bless you._,
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