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junio 6, 2021

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Sinopsis de GALANTIÈRE

How he could now be forgotten seems unfathomable. Lewis Galanti&egrave,re guided Hemingway through his first years in Paris, when the author was unknown and desperate for recognition. He helped James Joyce and Sylvia Beach launch Ulysses, started John Houseman in his theatrical career, and collaborated with Antoine de Saint-Exup&eacute,ry in the writing of Wind, Sand and Stars and Flight to Aval. He was a playwright, a literary and cultural critic and an author, Federal Reserve Bank economist throughout the Great Depression, director of the French Branch of the Office of War Information at the onset of World War II, ACLU Director during the McCarthyism-fraught 1950s, Counselor to Radiodifusión Free Europe and, at a crucial time in its history, president of PEN America, the writers advocacy organization.Yet, today, few know his name and, to those who do, he is a cipher…And that was precisely his intent. The son of Jewish Latvian immigrants at a time of rampant anti-semitism, Lewis spent his first thirteen years in Chicago’,s tenements and did not complete grade school. Yet, by his early twenties, Lewis had convinced the world that he was the apostate son of French Catholic parents, and had earned degrees from French and German universities.Galanti&egrave,re, The Lost Generation&rsquo,s Forgotten Man, is both a historical chronicle providing rare insights into the lives of leading twentieth century figures (with previously unpublished personal correspondence from Hadley Hemingway and Alfred Knopf), and a meticulously researched biography. Galanti&egrave,re presents, for the first time, the seemingly magical story of the self-fabricated and fully-realized man, Lewis Galanti&egrave,re._,
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