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febrero 20, 2021

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The decision of the British people to leave the EU was a political earthquake A seemingly neverending round of challenges from the migration crisis to continuing terror threats and the euro39s woes has left the EU in a crisis of confidence The consequent rise in nationalism and populism has too often seemed to leave the continent39s existing generation of leaders floundering But there is hope A new generation of European leaders is rising to political seniority Behind them is a new generation of European voters less beholden to the past They are 39Generation Europe39 Shaped in an age of smartphones lowcost travel and crosscountry initiatives like the Erasmus programme they share a different perspective In a passionately argued mix of personal story and policy prescriptions one of the leading members of 39Generation Europe39 Italy39s centreleft Europe minister Sandro Gozi takes us on a journey through the challenges his continent faces Exploring causes and solutions he reflects on his cohort39s commitment to building crossborder policies that will address common problems and start to give Europe brighter prospects
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