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mayo 8, 2021

GIRL SEEKS LIFE descargar PDF gratis

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Girl Seeks Life is both reflective memoir and guidebook for a young woman navigating the muddy waters of growing from awkward teenager into fully functioning, successful and fulfilled woman. It unpacks the experiences of the author with the added benefit of hindsight, self-compassion and understanding, and discusses common mistakes, fears, desires and dreams of many during this confusing and conflicted period of personal development. In society, where perfection is celebrated and authenticity is just a buzzword, the author exposes deeply personal and delicate issues with humour and frankness, encouraging the reader to uncover their own inner being and truly get to know themselves. Girl Seeks Life aims to connect readers with their honest identities and provides practical tools for the discovery of unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs and behaviours which are contributing to a lack of confidence, issues within relationships and the fear of moving forward in life. Chapters include discussions about topics relevant to growing up, such as family relationships, friendship, love, sex, feminism, success, creativity and travel._,
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