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diciembre 4, 2020

GOODNIGHT CRAZY CAT descargar PDF gratis

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Goodnight Crazy Cat continues Crazy Cat’,s adventures.In&nbsp,this new children’,s tale Crazy Cat dreams about the moon, and her adventure to meet the man in the moon. During her climb she sees fireworks, dancing stars and gets to swing on the moon. Small children will love to hear this story before bedtime.&nbsp,Join us in learning how Crazy Cat becomes the most interesting cat that ever lived. This children’,s book series is fun and has many learning concepts for children. It offers really deep illustrations and fun storytellying. It is a great read for small children and excellent company for parents to read to their children for a good night. Its truly a remarkable tale that comes from the heart of the writer, and illustrator. Crazy Cat is going to be worldwide and this story continues her&nbsp,journey!&nbsp,_,
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