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octubre 16, 2020

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Sinopsis de GRUMPUS

Grumpus&nbsp,focuses on a young grizzly bear who lives in the forests of North America and loves to play with his two bear cub friends, Ted and Spike. They play together, have fun together, but they must also learn (or try to learn!) life skills such as swimming and fishing which will help them survive in the wild.&nbsp,&nbsp,But one day hunters come into the forest. Grumpus, his mother, and Grumpus&rsquo,s new friend Dog must flee to the high mountains where they will be safe. It is a long journey and there are lots of dangers on the way, including Dog getting captured! How will Grumpus save him?&nbsp,&nbsp,Packed with adventure, fun and excitement,&nbsp,Grumpus&nbsp,is a charming story for 5 – 9 year olds that teaches important lessons both about wildlife and about courage and friendship. Young readers will love the detailed, hand-drawn illustrations by Janine Patching, as well as the escapades of this young bear cub who might be grizzly by name, but not by nature._,
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