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diciembre 4, 2020

HANGIN DAY descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de HANGIN DAY

A missing horse.An innocent teacher accused of the crime.Her only hope depends on two kids to solve the mystery and stop the madness.&nbsp,In 1887, Silver Belle and Jeremiah watch their teacher stand trial&nbsp,for stealing a horse. Because of the number of witnesses who saw Miss Libby ride through the Texas town of Justice, the Anti-Horse Thief Committee has no choice but to find her guilty. Miss Libby’,s fate depends on two kids to solve the mix-up.The situation is tangeled even more because the feisty Belle has secrets, secrets she has&nbsp,never dared tell&nbsp,her best friend, Jeremiah. Even her father, a U.S. Marshall, can never know the truth about the night the horse called Sweet Fury went missing. If the existente owner, Harland &quot,Four-Gun&quot, Reynolds, finds out what really happened, a beautiful black horse would surely get the beating of his life and it could very well be Belle who is marched up to the gallows.Belle convinces Jeremiah to help her bust Miss Libby&nbsp,out of the hoosegow. It’,s the only option. Dodging the sheriff and Four-Gun, they take matters into their own hands and plan a series of mishaps to delay the hanging. While Jeremiah gets closer to the truth, Belle is determined to take control. The results are total chaos. Will the little frontier town of Justice survive?Saddle up and hang on to your hat for a funny Texas adventure back to the Wild West._,
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