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diciembre 17, 2020

HANNAHS GECKO descargar PDF gratis

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This is a simple story about a three year old girl, her family and her imagination.&nbsp, Hannah is watching television when the story begins and knows that she should turn off the TV when her program is finished.&nbsp, But when that time comes the temptation to see more overcomes her better judgment.Hannah has seen a scary movie!&nbsp, She is a very brave girl and manages to deal with her active imagination and get to sleep even though her imagination has created a talking lizard.&nbsp,While the lizard is existente its speech, its size and its vocabulary&nbsp, – is not.&nbsp, When Hannah wakes up in the morning everything is back to frecuente.&nbsp, Hannah realizes that her parents have been right about her choices for watching media.&nbsp, She may not defy their rules again &ndash, on the other hand, who knows what will happen when she is four!_,
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