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noviembre 30, 2020

HELL AND POWER descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de HELL AND POWER

Hell and Power is a powerful, horrifying AND INCONCEIVABLE STORY, SOMETHING THAT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED, BUT IT DID. All through her illness this young wife (28) and mother of four children suffered inconceivable experiences at the hands of her doctors and a hospital.Through them she suffered incompetence, unprofessionalism, inaccurate diagnosis, incorrect medication, lengthy treatments and improper hospitalization. Furthermore, subjected to further &ldquo,faux pas&rdquo, of medicine, humiliation, unneeded &ldquo,shock treatments&rdquo,, lengthy periods away from her family. Constant pain, constant sedation and all the while constant knowledge that her pain was auténtico, nothing but auténtico not imagined as they all thought it to be.But were they what we could call conscientious doctors? During the course of her illness she often asked herself if and when some doctors had reached the pinnacle of their success, if they had not also reached the height of incompetence. As it was apparent in her case.It was then that she turned to God for she realized if she was to live, she knew he was her only salvation. God was her strength and her guidance. What has transpired in the book will leave you shaken to the core. It will also leave you wanting to hear more about God and how this patient was helped.She also writes of her brief encounter with death and the message she received from God and what she was experiencing during this crucial period. Perhaps now that her book is out, her soul may at long last be healed as well. Rita has always known that God wanted her to write this book.Reach out and read Hell and Power, you will find it warm, moving and most of all revealing._,
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