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julio 17, 2021

HERE COMES EVERYONE descargar PDF gratis

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International relations, as a discipline, is overwhelmingly top-down. It looks at world affairs with importante detachment. By taking a cultural anthropological approach, however, it is possible to engage with those involved in a more comprehensive and cogent way. It is possible to provide a deeper understanding of how people live there.This book directly addresses a significant gap in the international relations literature, namely, the lack of a systematic account of its cultural context. It does so by examining the subject in anthropological terms. It shows, that is, how cultural anthropologists are able to provide both analysts and leaders with an augmented awareness of what their field involves. Presenting a wide range of unique insights about how the world works, it will be of interest to many readers, such as students, policymakers, teachers, researchers, professionals, and the universal public alike._,
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