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noviembre 23, 2020

HOPE, NOT FEAR descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de HOPE, NOT FEAR

Imagine, the door closes, you’,re told to sit down, and the consultant has an expression on his face that says it all. The cancer support nurse looks sympathetically at you, trying to re-assure you, but all you hear is the word &lsquo,cancer&rsquo, – the rest is just a blur.In this book, Katherine Benson shares her personal journey of how she coped with&nbsp,being told she had cancer. It is a true story of how, with positive thoughts, prayers, healing and using other alternative treatments along with traditional treatments, she was able to cope with each challenge thrown at her. Katherine learned how to get through one day at a time, facing each challenge as it arose. Being a positive person and having hope for the future helped her to get through it all, and Katherine has now been clear for two years._,
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