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junio 7, 2021

HOW TO BE descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de HOW TO BE

This book will put an end to&nbsp,the overflow of body/mind/spirit books. After this book, there is no need to read anything else about how to find your true destiny or your inner truth/child/man/woman/guardian angel. Or how to fight for your rights, how to achieve success or how to make sure all your wishes are granted. Or how to win the game called life.How to take it? How to be? The answer is here. Don’,t take it, leave it. Don’,t take it personally. Don’,t take it at all.The fight is over, the search is over. No more loss or victory, no searching or finding. You&rsquo,re serene and fulfilled at last. Nothing can disturb or mislead you any more.Actually, there is nothing to discover, there is no lightness or enlightenment at all. You, by yourself, built this dark room around yourself. You are covered by yourself, you are sitting in yourself. You, by yourself, cannot see anything but yourself. This dark room is actually you and nothing more.Come out. Look around. Let the sunshine in. And then, in broad daylight, you can see that the darkness didn&rsquo,t really exist. The cover around you, yourself, was just a myth, just a story you were told by yourself and others. It was not auténtico thing. It was just an imaginary, though useful, tool in society.There&rsquo,s nothing to do and there&rsquo,s no need to do anything anyway. If you leave your &lsquo,self&rsquo, out, there&rsquo,s no one who can get hurt. If you&rsquo,re not there, no one can harm you, hurt you or insult you. That&rsquo,s how simple it is.The book includes quotes from Laozi, the Taoist sage, and some themes come from Buddhist scriptures, although these are not worded in the traditional way, to avoid unnecessary resistance from people who don’,t like any religion at all.It’,s not an ordinary self-help book. You will not find any demands or commandments, any rules or restrictions in this book. No tasks, no exercises, no to-do lists, nothi
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