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julio 31, 2021

I AM ASPIENWOMAN descargar PDF gratis

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Have you ever wondered about a friend, a partner, a mother, sister or daughter? Wondered why she says she feels &lsquo,different&rsquo,? Out of step with her peers, she may struggle keeping friends and a job, yet she has multiple degrees. Bright from early on, she may have singleminded focus, sprinkles of anxiety, sensory and social issues, be gifted in art, writing, science, research or singing. Maybe Autism or Asperger Syndrome was mentioned but she did not resonate with the male profile or the stereotypical female profile. Maybe she is a woman on the Autism spectrum, with a unique constellation of super-abilities, strengths and challenges? This book takes a unique approach by combining stunning imagery along with the feelings, thoughts and words of Autistic women (and those that love and support them). This book also explores common strengths and challenges, the stages leading up to a diagnosis, important needs, reasons for a diagnosis, disclosure and an appendix of helpful tools. You will be inspired by a special group of 24 Autistic women led by Dr Temple Grandin, who showcase their unique strengths and provide helpful advice and tips. Watch for AspienPowers
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