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junio 2, 2021

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Seventy million Americans suffer from IBS irritable bowel syndrome Are you one of them or do you have a family member or friend who does In IBS is BS author Lawrence Bodner answers a host of questions related to IBS and he offers an effective treatment protocol that will markedly improve your life and reduce or eliminate your suffering Relating his personal journey from illness to health Bodner shares six discussions revolving around IBS by using comparisons of baking a cake and comparing the human body to an automobile The discussions include • basic human anatomy • digestion • food contents and components • the development of IBS • autoimmune disease • new concepts and discoveries and • treatment protocol Presenting a stepbystep playbook for the overthecounter treatment of IBS and its ilk IBS is BS gives answers and solutions to the eleven percent of Americans who suffer from this notsopleasant medical condition It provides an insightful tour into the causes and effective treatment resolutions that can help alleviate your suffering
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