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febrero 3, 2021

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&quot,The best ketogenic meal prep guide out there – bar none.&quot, – Dr. Harry GilbertThe ketogenic diet is often recognized as one of the absolute best diets in the world for losing fat quickly while simultaneously promoting overall health and wellness. One of the major stumbling blocks for living a healthy keto lifestyle is all the time it takes to cook keto meals at home. It is easy to give into temptation when carbs are everywhere you look! Fortunately, it is easy to solve this problem by simply meal prepping in advance. This cookbook gives you a complete 30 day plan for ketogenic meal prep so you can stick to your health and weight loss goals. With almost 100 recipes to choose from and a simple 3 meal a day plan for 30 days, you&rsquo,ll always be able to enjoy amazing, fresh, delicious keto meals that are easy to prep at home, &lt,I&gt,&lt,B&gt,all with only 7g of Net Carbs per serving or less!&lt,/B&gt,&lt,/I&gt,The only way the ketogenic diet can be a viable way to live for the long-term is if you actually enjoy the food you are eating and are able to prep it easily so you don&rsquo,t spend your whole life in the kitchen. So don&rsquo,t torture yourself by giving up all your favorite foods or slaving over the stove for hours every day. Who has time for that?! That is a surefire way to fail at keto! Make it easy on yourself by grabbing this cookbook and enjoying a full month of amazing keto meal prep recipes with 7 grams of Net Carbs or less per serving that you can make tonight in your own kitchen!This book empowers you to become a true master of the ketogenic diet. You&rsquo,ll know exactly what foods and ingredients to eat so you can stay in ketosis and shred through your excess body fat fast. You&rsquo,ll also learn the pitfalls and barriers that you may encounter during your ketogenic journey so that you can achieve your health and weight loss goals merienda and for all. This is a comprehensive ketogenic r
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