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LIFE 2.0

diciembre 13, 2020

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Sinopsis de LIFE 2.0

&nbsp,Have you ever wondered about life in its entirety? Not just your lifespan, but the entire cycle of life? Why are we born and what is the meaning of life? Is this all a technology play, is this something more spiritual or is this a combination of both? &nbsp, &nbsp, Life 2.0! ignites the ideas and concepts for many of these topics. We must be curious about how the world around us came into being, how is it going to change in the future and how that would, in turn, affect us. Does technology, our religious scriptures, the concept of karma, the soul, genetic engineering and God all come together at some point? Will this all make sense one day? Or, are these different universes of their own and if not, will they be able to co-exist together?&nbsp, &nbsp, Of course, everything is just an assumption, guess or theory at this point in time. Life 2.0! gives you something to consider and helps kindle your thoughts towards the meaning of our existence. It is an attempt to show and get a glimpse of the future, considering the interesting facts that have occurred, are happening and are going to happen – Life 2.0!_,
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