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febrero 4, 2021

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You may have experienced intense peace and stillness when sitting in a quiet room meditating However for most of us this peace is shattered the minute we step out of that quiet room and are confronted with jealousy anger fear and an egofilled violent society My question to you is if you are unable to bring peace into the whole of your life whether this be in your chaotic workplace dealing with angry and egoistic workmates or at home dealing with adolescent children does the peace that you experience when meditating have limited application in your life If your answer like mine is yes the question then becomes how can you bring peace into your daily life so that you are able to live in this world free from fear anger jealousy stress and anxiety How can you exist in modern society as presence space peace when you are surrounded by anger fear hatred and violence How can you exist as a space of peace moment to moment without getting dragged into the madness How can you make Life a Meditation rather than your meditation being a 30 minute or one hour daily affair Putting into practice any of the pointers mentioned in this book will help you become or be this space of peace And in the process you might discover that there is no need to sit in a room and meditate You can be this space of peace wherever you are at a busy work place a board meeting at home cooking dinner rushing to pick up your children arriving late to the office or even when you are taking a stroll in a park You can be this moving space of peace wherever you go
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